Tori Lawrence + Co. have launched their Kickstarter campaign for the film “Elizabeth.”

The film was shot over two days in a wheat field and the historic Schultz House (circa mid-1700s) in York, PA. As described on the Kickstarter page, “Set in a historic 18th century home and its surrounding fields, it is a quiet journey between two women, accompanied by the rich soundscapes of musicians Vicki Brown and Mona Chambers. It is for the wanderers of the fields who dwell in sadness, loss, and flight. And it is for those who are drowning, both inside and out.”

The dance was recorded on both a Panasonic HPX-3100 and a Nikon D4 output to a Sound Devices Pix240. Only natural light was used to capture the images.

The link to the Kickstarter page is here Tori Lawrence Kickstarter