In March 2007, I traveled with artist Lily Yeh to the beautiful, African country of Rwanda. For three years, Lily had been working to design and construct a memorial in Rugerero, Rwanda to honor those who had been killed in the 1994 genocide. She designed a living space of mosaic, garden and peace for not only the deceased, whose remains would be interred in the vault, but for those who had survived the horror that had lasted 100 days and took the lives of over 800,000 people. In association with Barefoot Artists, and the members of the survivors’ village in Rugerero, a film was produced to celebrate the dedication of the monument on 6 April 2007. This film has been used for education and to fundraise for the people of the village. On 7 April, the date the slaughter began, please take a moment to think of those whose lives were brutally extinguished, and of those whose lives were tragically changed forever. The film, The Rwanda Healing Project, is available to view on YouTube at