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A Season of Science at Aperture Pictures

Neuron BlogThis past Autumn(2015), Aperture Pictures had the great pleasure to work with the incredible minds and talents at Penn Biomedical Graduate Studies.

A number of videos were produced highlighting some of the different labs, the instructor mentors and their graduate students.

The linked video is of graduate student Jesse Isaacman-Beck and PI Michael Granato whose work on peripheral nerve regeneration was published in the journal Neuron.

The journal gave the two an opportunity to make a video abstract of their work for the Neuron website. The two chose a light-hearted, humorous approach.

The video can be seen here Neuron Abstract.

Aperture Pictures adds Arri Amira

AmiraThe smaller, lighter sibling to the award winning Arri Alexa provides ProRes and 2K recording from an enhanced sensor making the Amira a perfect choice for commercial, documentary and narrative productions.  With the ability to capture from .75 to 200fps, the Amira will also be the perfect choice for off-speed capture needs.  Shoot in Log-C, Rec 709 or with a custom Look/LUT.

Fitted with a PL-LDS mount, the Amira can communicate with many of the newer cinema lenses and has a 12pin Hirose connector to work with ENG lenses with an Arri B4 mount adapter.

With a coming Q4 2014 firmware update, the Amira will gain the capability of shooting 4K UHD at up to 60fps.


Tori Lawrence + Co. “Elizabeth”

Aperture Pictures and Post and Tori Lawrence + Co. recently completed photography on the site-specific dance film currently titled “Elizabeth” featuring company dancers Ashley Lippolis and Lora Allen.

Shooting took place over two days, in two locations, in Lancaster and York, PA. One location was a wheat field, the other, the historic Schultz House built in the mid-1700s.

The dance was recorded on both a Panasonic HPX-3100 and a Nikon D4 output to a Sound Devices Pix240. Only natural light was used to capture the images.

Director/Choreographer Tori Lawrence and Christopher Landy will begin post-production in August. The film will screen at the Barnes Foundation in December 2012.




photo courtesy Jason Plotkin/York Daily Record

Rwanda Healing Project


In March 2007, I traveled with artist Lily Yeh to the beautiful, African country of Rwanda. For three years, Lily had been working to design and construct a memorial in Rugerero, Rwanda to honor those who had been killed in the 1994 genocide. She designed a living space of mosaic, garden and peace for not only the deceased, whose remains would be interred in the vault, but for those who had survived the horror that had lasted 100 days and took the lives of over 800,000 people. In association with Barefoot Artists, and the members of the survivors’ village in Rugerero, a film was produced to celebrate the dedication of the monument on 6 April 2007. This film has been used for education and to fundraise for the people of the village. On 7 April, the date the slaughter began, please take a moment to think of those whose lives were brutally extinguished, and of those whose lives were tragically changed forever. The film, The Rwanda Healing Project, is available to view on YouTube at

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